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Experienced Warrant Lift, Bail Bond, And Jail Release Attorney

Attorney Available for Traffic Ticket Jail Release Bail Bonds 24/7 Throughout The Dallas/Fort Worth Area

(Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties)

Though most people do not think of lawyers as bail bondsmen, we can often post bail just as the bail bondsman can, but with the added benefit of representing you in court as licensed attorneys in the state of Texas. Before the warrant lands you in jail, or after it has and you need jail release, when you hire Attorney Fiona Worthy, you get an experienced attorney who regularly posts bonds for her clients appearing before the North Texas court your ticket is in to advocate for the best deal possible on your traffic ticket case.

Lawyer bail bondsmen assure the court by posting bond that we will show to give account of the charges leveled against you on your behalf. We give the court our credentials as licensed attorneys along with a surety bond in exchange for your release from the warrant and promising to appear either with you or for you as the individual court requires. State law gives attorneys this ability, and allows us the opportunity to better serve you the client by not only representing you in court after the bail bond is posted, but allowing us to also lift your warrant, acting as your bonding agent when you employ us as your attorney of record.

With Fiona Worthy, Attorney at Law also functioning as your bail bondsman, you pay one fee per violation and have your bond posted and your lawyer representation in court. We show up to make a deal for you in court, and most courts do not require your presence on a plea deal when you hire us. Remember, bail bondsmen that are not attorneys are not expected to know and do not know the fullness of the law as it relates to the charges against you. We do. A bail bondsman that is not an attorney cannot represent you in court to help you with your ticket. We can. We are in court daily working out plea deals for clients, and are often able to negotiate lessened court costs and fines and keep the violations off of your driving record.

Hiring Fiona Worthy, Attorney at Law is the best choice to ensure that not only your bail bond is posted, but that the underlying ticket is addressed by a professional traffic violation attorney.


24/7 Tarrant County Jail Release Often Available When You Hire Attorney Worthy on your Tarrant County Criminal Case

FOR JAIL RELEASE BAIL BONDS ON DWI, THEFT, ASSAULT, CRIMINAL TRESPASS, FAILURE TO ID FUGITIVE, FORGERY, DRUG POSSESSION, AND MORE, CONTACT ATTORNEY FIONA WORTHY, AN EXPERIENCED BONDING AND COURT REPRESENTATION ATTORNEY FOR HELP. In Texas, licensed attorneys can get their client out of jail. Attorney Fiona Worthy can help you get your loved one out of jail with representation on the case. Call to speak with the attorney directly to get the process started to release your loved one from custody. WHY HIRE A BONDSMAN WHEN YOUR MONEY GOES TOWARD ONLY GETTING OUT OF JAIL ON THE CHARGE? YOU STILL NEED A LAWYER ON THE CASE! As our client, we can get you out and the fee you pay goes toward court representation. There is no bonding fee.  

Misdemeanor and Felony bail in Tarrant County varies based on a number of factors including the crime the person is accused of and the criminal history, or lack thereof, of the individual. A magistrate or judge considers these and other factors to determine what bail, if any, to set. Attorney Fiona Worthy will provide fervent representation on the criminal case with the added benefit of a "no waste" fee, as all you pay goes toward representation with the added benefit of jail release.  We also can assist you in alternate jail release options if available, and provide you aggressive representation in court on the case.  

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